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2017-2018 Uniform Information
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Friday, June 02, 2017

Causey Middle School Uniform Policy 2017-2018


This Dress Code was developed to encourage Causey Middle School students to become contributing members to the community and promote self-pride, good character, and self-respect. Any violation of the dress code will be handled according to the Mobile County Public School System Code of Conduct.


Shirts—Colors: 6th Gray; 7th Yellow; 8th Navy

*No logos Except--Causey Middle School

*Traditional polo/golf type shirt--no more than 3 buttons, must have a collar, straight or banded        sleeves

*Shirts must be tucked in and collars must be visible.

*Undershirts are to be solid--Navy, White, Black or Gray



*Uniform style, straight-leg; must be hemmed no ruffled, frayed, cut, or torn edges.

*No jeans, denim, corduroy, patch pockets, decorated pockets, watch pockets, cargo,                painter,   flare legs, low cut, joggers, spandex, leggings, jeggings, or low rise pants

*Pants must be worn at waist line—No sagging, oversized or extremely tight pants

*Short length cannot be shorter than 2 inches above the knee

*Pants must have belt loops

* No elastic around the cuffs of the pants is allowed



*White, black, navy, gray-solid colors only


*Athletic shoes/tennis shoes only

*No sandals, open toe, open back, platform shoes, boots, moccasins, Crocs, ballerina/baby doll style slippers or slides



*Solid Navy, Black or Gray—No leather or denim

*Causey Middle School logo only

*No hoods are to be worn in the building


*All pants must have belt loops and belts must be worn. Belts should be black or brown. Oversized or large “FAD” belt buckles are not permitted.


ID Badges

*Badges must be worn at all times attached to the student’s collar with picture visible

*Replacement will be sold for 5 dollars



*No tongue rings, nose rings, facial or distracting jewelry

*No bandanas of any color

*Hair color must be natural, out of eyes, and non-distracting—No Mohawks

*No tattoos

*No hats, sweat bands or head covering

*No excessive makeup or ear rings that expand the ear lobe

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